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Remembering Albert O. Poe

Born 7/8/31 ; Deceased 5/18/19

Served as Huntsman for Piedmont, Fairfax, Middleburg and Foxwood Hunts

Inducted into the Huntsman's Hall of Fame at the Museum of Hounds & Hunting at Morven Park in 2011

Breeder of American Foxhounds

Laid to Rest at Leeds Cemetery, Markham, VA

January 2019 Online Winter Art Show and Sale
See a sampling of the current pieces available!

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Call to Art
Thanksgiving Hunt Art Show - Submission Deadline Oct. 21
Christmas Art Show - Submission Deadline Nov. 18


MHHNA Benefit Art Exhibit and Sale through Jan. 3 2019!
Come visit one of four exhibition sales at Salamander Resort and Spa, any day 10-5, no fee, no appointments!
Make a day of it - have lunch at Salamander, tour the grounds, and then stop in the stables!

Visit the Stable Lounge to benefit the MHHNA
PHOTOGRAPHY AND PRINTS, August 31 - September 25
HOUNDS, HUNTING AND RACING through October 30, 2018
THANKSGIVING HUNT SHOW, October 31 - November 27
CHRISTMAS SHOW, November 28 - January 3, 2019
Some samples currently on display:

Washington and Liberty by Booth Malone

Playtime by Joan Macintyre

Gypsy Boys by Leslie Sorg

The Swoope Creek Draw by Sally Moren

Tree Fox (batik) by Leslie Sorg
Artist, Gail Guirreri-Maslyk
July / August Display

Show Jumping at WEG

Combined Driving WEG, study I
oil on gallery wrap canvas

Fox Study
oil on canvas

Powers Family, Upperville
36" x 36" oil sketch on canvas, 2018

Jumping at WEG, study I
oil on board

Friesians, four in hand
oil on canvas

Hunt Landscape, V
oil on canvas

Grand Prix Jumper

Memorial Weekend Exhibit and Sale
Three important pieces sold at the Museum of Hounds and Hunting Memorial weekend Art Show to benefit the MHHNA! Thank you to the artists who contributed their pieces!

Burland Road by Booth Malone

Piedmont Foxhounds I by Rev. Michael Tang

The Way a Lady Rides by Kathleen Friedenberg




2018 Museum Exhibition and Sale at Morven Park May 26-June 26.
Grand Opening Exhibition and Reception May 26th. 4-7 pm.
Sculptures in Papier Mache by Sarah Holmberg, Tryon, NC


▼ 2017 NEWS ▼


Benjamin H. Hardaway III, MFH

A member of the Huntsmen’s Room of the Museum of Hounds & Hunting North America in 2009, Benjamin H. Hardaway passed away on October 19, less than a month after celebrating his 98th birthday.
Hardaway served as living proof the hunting gene exists in human DNA. He certainly possessed drive, and no doubt many enthusiasts remember his cry when Midland hounds were all on and singing their distinctive July hound-inspired chorus. His name is recognizable throughout the hunting world and his legacy will live on with cry, drive, and biddability in the Hardaway Crossbred Foxhound.
A passion for foxhounds and ars venatica made him a man with an enthusiastic mission, which led to him founding the Midland Fox Hounds in 1950 with territory around the home base in Columbus, Georgia, with additional country in Alabama. The advent of deer in his hunting country in 1966 prompted him to develop the Hardaway Crossbred. “It was a necessity—do something or quit hunting,” recalled Mr. Hardaway.
“July hounds gave me the greatest thrill and my goal was to keep that cry and that nose, but cross him out so he would be biddable enough to break off deer,” said Mr. Hardaway. “That’s what I spent the rest of my life doing. I’m proud of what I’ve done. We’ve sent our Crossbreds to England, Ireland, Australia—all over.”



 ▼ 2016 NEWS ▼

Sherman P. Haight, Jr, ex- MFH

It is with great sadness and tremendous respect that we report the passing of Sherman P. Haight, Jr, ex- MFH and founding director of the Museum of Hounds and Hunting of North America.  He was Past President of the MFHA, and responsible for the foxhound conformation standard still in use today.  He was a founder of the US Pony Club, and was passionate about the sport of foxhunting and sharing it with as many as possible.  Sherman was inducted into the Huntsmen’s Room in 2015 for his remarkable contributions to our sport.  He was a true sportsman and Gentleman, in every sense of the word.

Visit the Art Exhibit at
Salamander Equestrian
May 27-31, 10-5

Fox Kit and Hound Puppy exhibition/sale
Morven Park, May 28 and 29th
Join us from noon - 5pm
DECEMBER 1, 2015 - JANUARY 3, 2016
Sporting Art Show and Sale, Middleburg VA


NOVEMBER 24, 2015 - JANUARY 2, 2016


  2015 NEWS

The Museum of Hounds and Hunting North America, Inc. which occupies the north wing of the stately Mansion at Morven Park, has acquired an impressive collection of art, artifacts and memorabilia related to mounted hunting in the US and Canada. The Museum of Hounds and Hunting NA is a 501(c)3.

We would like to encourage you to stop by the Stables at Salamander Resort & Spa this weekend in Middleburg, Virginia, to enjoy the incredible equestrian and hunting art work on display beginning Friday, October 23rd through Sunday, October 25th from 10 to 5 daily.
All of the work is beautiful and there are some truly spectacular pieces!


Copyright Museum of Hounds & Hunting NA, Inc. 2015

Morven Park, Leesburg, VA
Middleburg, VA

  2014 NEWS


Melvin Poe, a Legend in His Time

     The MHHNA, Inc. sadly notes the passing of Melvin Poe, an American foxhunting legend. He died at his home in Hume, Virginia, on September 13, 2014, at the age of 94. Born into a large family of hound breeders and hunters, Melvin began his career as a professional huntsman after military service during World War II. Starting in 1948, he served as huntsman for Old Dominion Hounds, then carried the horn for Orange County Hunt from 1964 to 1991. Not ready to retire, for the next 15 years he hunted a private pack, the Bath County Hounds. To the last year of his life, he kept hounds and continued to hunt the area around his home in Hume.

     He was inducted, along with his younger brother Albert, into the MHHNA Huntsmen’s Room in 2011.

     Melvin Poe was universally known for both his uncanny skill as a huntsman and his gentle, unassuming nature. The foxhunting world has lost a man who, for more than 60 years, was a leading light within the sport.

     To honor Melvin’s memory, the family requests that donation be made in his name to The Museum of Hounds and Hunting North America – the Huntsmen’s Room, Attn: Nancy Bedford, Chairman, 2598 Five Points Road, Marshall, VA 20115.


Annual Reception Held at Museum
On May 24th, The Museum of Hounds and Hunting North America hosted its annual reception at Morven Park, Leesburg, VA. in conjunction with The Virginia Hound Show that followed the following day in the lovely gardens, under the stately cooling trees. Sporting Artists exhibited on the Mansion portico while elegantly turned out carriages paraded by, offering rides to the attending museum members and their guests. These events were an added attraction to the Museum Tour and Reception that this year honored the Moore County Hound’s 100th anniversary. It was a glorious evening!





Celebrating Moore County Hounds 100th Anniversary
The MHHNA Member/guest Reception honored the MOORE COUNTY HOUNDS (NC) 100th Anniversary on May 24th at the Morven Park Mansion. Special events included a Parade of Carriages by the Piedmont Driving Club and a Sporting Artists Exhibition/Sale on the Mansion Portico. The Museum was open both days. The Artists featured at The MHHNA INC. Museum Reception were: Anita Baarns, Mary Cornish, Sandra Forbush, Julie Kirk, Nancy Kleck, Gail Guirrei-Maslyk, Dana Lee Thompson, Teresa A. Duke, Cathy Zimmerman, Leslie A. Sorg, and Sculptors: Betina Sillars, and Mary Phillips Coker.

To attend see details here.


  2013 NEWS

Satellite Museum in Middleburg a Success!
MHHNA would like to thank the following Artists and Sculptors for exhibiting and/or selling for the benefit of The MHHNA at it's satellite gallery in Middleburg in Oct. thru Dec. 2013.

Artists: Anita Baarns, Cynthia Benitz, Mary Cornish, Sandra Forbush, Julie Kirk, Nancy Kleck, Gail Guirrei-Maslyk, Dana Lee Thompson, Teresa A. Duke, Cathy Zimmerman, Leslie A. Sorg, Michelle Robbins, and Sculptors: Betina Sillars, Jean Clagett, Mary Phillips Coker

December 8th - Christmas Gathering


Nov. 15th - Art Benefit Sale for the MHHNA
The artists are selling to benefit the MUSEUM OF HOUNDS AND HUNTING! We hope to see you here! Come meet the artists and view their work! Friday, Nov. 15th, 5-8pm at our Satellite Museum in Middleburg, VA -- 112 West Washington Street, Middleburg VA. We hope to see you there!  -- View Poster --
Oct. 27th - Come see the OCH Championships!
     MHHNA memberships will be awarded at the OCH Event to the Junior Champion and the Genuine Hunter CH. on Sunday, October 27, 2013. Come and compete or enjoy a lovely day with a great view..   the location is: OLD WHITEWOOD FARM, THE PLAINS, VA (from 55 west take Rt.704, Whitewood Rd. At bend in Rd stay right onto gravel rd. to entrance on left 1/2 Mile) Start time 9am.
Oct. 25th - Satellite Museum Opening in Middleburg
     MHHNA , Inc is opening a Satellite MUSEUM OF HOUNDS AND HUNTING NORTH AMERICA on October 25, 2013 at 112 West Washington St., Suite 101. MIDDLEBURG, VA (opposite The Middleburg Bank) on route 50. The first Exhibition/Sale will be of Contemporary Sporting Artists. Please visit and view some lovely Art. Gifts, Memberships, Hunt Videos, Children's books, are here. Drop in soon, we are here for two months! Featured artists are: Anita Baarns, Mary Cornish, Gail Guirrei-Masylk, Julie Kirk, Sandra Forbush, Nancy Kleck, Cynthia Benitz, Dana Lee Thompson, and Jean Clagett.

     As a reminder, the MHHNA Galleries are open five days a week in the Morven Park Mansion. Please come and visit to view our 2013 Exhibit. (Closed Tues. and Wed.)
Oct. 6th - National Field Hunter Championships
     The Museum of Hounds and Hunting NA will award Free One Year Museum Memberships to the Champions and Reserves at the National Hunter Championships on October 6th, 2013 at Glenwood Park, Middleburg, Virginia. The two highest placed Juniors to make the cut will also be awarded Memberships. Come and enjoy the Championships, followed by the 2nd day of racing. The Museum invites you to its BOOTH where you will find gifts for all ages and sporting art by Gail G Maslyk. The Squishables will be there!

Address location is 36787 Glenwood Park Ln, Middleburg, VA 20117
2013 On Exhibit
     Museum of Hounds & Hunting NA Opens the New Season

     The Museum of Hounds & Hunting NA opened the 2013 season with a reception for members and guests Saturday evening , May 26, 2013. Visitors viewed the new exhibits which featured art and artifacts of the Warrenton Hunt now celebrating its 125th anniversary. Warrenton’s three current Masters of Fox hounds, Kim Nash, Celeste Vella and Rick Laimbeer, graciously sponsored the Member’s Reception.

     On display were original Wesley Dennis drawings of comical hunting scenes created for the Warrenton Hunt map. Portraits of Masters Julian Chilton Keith by Murray Black, Bambe Wilson by Joseph Abbrescia, Russell M. Arundel by Michael Lynes and Viola Winmill, driving her 6-in-hand, by E. Tuckerman Biays. Nineteen watercolors of Warrenton Hounds and one Jack Russell by Michael Lynes were displayed. Mr. Maddux, first Master of the Warrenton Hunt, by Richard D. Newton, done in 1908, was the centerpiece of the exhibit.

     Virginia Gold Cup memorabilia from the 1920s including a 1922 Stewards Badge, course maps and programs for the 1930 and 1931 race meets; a 1929 menu proposal for guests of the Gold Cup was of great interest.

     Eclipse award winner Douglas Lees’ black and white photographs from the 1960s until 2010 highlighted members, huntsmen and hounds in the field. Two enlarged photos of Mrs. Robert C. Winmill, First Lady of American Fox Hunting, caught everyone’s attention; Mrs. Winmill in a photo finish racing sidesaddle and Mrs. Winmill, riding sidesaddle, with three riders, one being Eugene C. Cunningham, in front of a seemingly two story high hay stack. Other black and white photographs by sporting photographers Marshall Hawkins, Doug Hayes and Pooch McClanahan enhanced the exhibit. The hunting horns of huntsmen and masters of the hunt with the Warrenton including Sally Tufts, Baldwin Day Spilman, W. Henry Pool, Russell M. Arundel, and Jim Atkins

     In the Huntsmen’s Room, guests watched the Warrenton Hunt DVD showing vintage hunting footage in the 1920s by Pathe News. The second half of the DVD shows the Warrenton Hunt today with interviews of the masters, huntsmen and whips explaining the whys and where fore’s of mounted hunting with hounds. Well-known fox hunter Francis Green’s hunting diary entrees printed in the local Fauquier Democrat were recreated for easy reading in the Huntsman’s Room, as was the 1932 Washington Post pictorial spread of Julian C. Keith’s eightieth birthday celebration where he donned his scarlet coat to celebrate the day.

     Other interesting memorabilia included Warrenton very own Hunt Song by W. B. Streett, point-to-point programs, trophies and diaries.

     The exhibit will run until next year with the some of the Warrenton exhibit retiring June 15, 2013.

     The Mansion at Morven Park is open most days of the week, 11 to 4. Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays and some holidays. More information is available at www.mhhna.org or on our FACEBOOK!
2013 Foxhound Show
   A Great Day for the Virginia Fox Hound Show  

     A successful Virginia Fox Hound Show was enhanced by "the best weather in 17 years." The Grand Champion was Mooreland Wary 2012, Potomac Templeton 2012 was Reserve and Ciaran Murphy won the Horn Blowing Contest. Jim Meads signed his latest and final book, Good Night, Master, at the Horse Country tent. The show ran perfectly and the grounds at Morven Park never looked lovelier. Individual hunt club hospitality tents were set up throughout the gardens and along the tree lined avenue by the show rings, each with lovely late spring flowers and fabulous food. The Museum of Hounds & Hunting NA tent was manned by Nancy Bedford, Chairman of the Museum, Judith Tartt and Peggy Haight. Two three-seat shuttle carts, compliments of the MHHNA, decorated with fox, hound, banners and big red tulips, shuttled visitors to and from the Museum in the Mansion. The 2013 Museum Exhibition opened with a Members Reception the night before. It was a grand day as large groups of enthusiasts circled the rings and cheered favorite hounds. While men wore Panamas, the women turned out in beautiful hats adorned with colorful flowers and bows, making the day a charming and idyllic country sporting event.

     The Warrenton Hunt, celebrating it's 125th anniversary, sponsored the Member's Reception in the Mansion, Saturday evening, May 25, 2013. The MHHNA appreciates their sponsorship and wishes them the best Anniversary year ever.
     New Membership Announcement
The Museum is announcing a A NEW JUNIOR LEVEL MEMBERSHIP for $10.00. Check back here on the news page for a MHHNA Sponsored JUNIOR EVENT.

      We now have a FACEBOOK! Keep posted on the latest news and events through this social media connection.

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